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Ron Caruthers, graduated from high school in 1985. After poor career planning and a lack of finances prevented him from going to college out of high school, he experienced first-hand what many families suffer without proper planning and guidance for higher education. The difficulty of that experience motivated him to learn everything he could about the financial aid process and the lack of career and college preparation among students. He then started his college planning business in 1993.

Ron is now one of the nations’ leading experts on planning and paying for college. Ron has been quoted in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and has authored What Your Guidance Counselor Isn’t Telling You and co-authored the New York bestseller Shift Happens. He has more than 20 years of experience as an advisor and financial educatorand has regularly been seen on local and national news programs.

Ron’s book What Your Guidance Counselor Isn’t Telling You is a complete look at why so many students are unable to afford college and why those who do attend wind up spending more money than necessary to attain useful degrees.

Ron is a regular on the morning news program at KUSI TV in San Diego and co-authored Wealth Attraction Secrets for Entrepreneurs with Dan Kennedy. He speaks to private groups and teaches his process for applying to and paying for college.

"I really believe that my ability to take concepts and put them into understandable, effective strategies for my clients is my greatest benefit."

Ron Caruthers
Wealth Advisor

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